About Us

This website is initiative of Fier Digital Learning Pvt. Ltd, which was incorporated under Company Act 2013, under Registration no 391133, dated 13 Dec 2021, CIN No. U72900DL2021PTC391133. It is company limited with shares.

It was founded on the vision of pioneer Directors Laxman Singh Mehra and Usman, who stive to make a difference in the world of Internet, Digital and Web-based technology.

Our Objectives

We provide consultancy services for business process engineering and information technology. Our objective is to raise awareness about digital platforms, websites and social media among all sections of society to build up a digital India. To achieve this objective, we are building up many websites which will lead to increased awareness on health, education, jobs, spiritual, financial literacy and markets, among all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster and support Web-business for our partners to harness Internet, e-commerce, social media and Web-based digital technologies, for delivering innovative and customized solutions.

Our aim to provide the fastest quality Information, assuring;